Monday, August 4, 2008

Bacon in a flash

Yes, I know. I haven't really published any freezable items in a long time. I will share a little tip though...
When you make bacon, lay a cooling rack inside a baking pan. Place as much bacon as will fit without overlapping too much. I usually make a pound at a time. Put this into a cold oven and set the temperature for 400. The cooking time will vary as to how you like yours cooked. This cooking method keeps the bacon from curling up and keeps it from cooking in its own fat. When the bacon is almost (2/3's) done, remove what you know you won't use immediately to drain. Put the rest back in the oven until its to your liking. When the almost done bacon has cooled to room temp, sandwich in single layers between wax paper, wrap in foil and place in a zip-top bag. Don't forget to label with date and name! Stick this in the freezer.
The next time you want bacon, thaw and either oven bake or microwave until done.